Best Stocks 2017 - Top Stocks 2017

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Best Stocks 2017 - Stocks to Buy

Best Stocks 2017 - Below is a list of best stocks in 2017 and my top stocks to buy.  In 2017, the best stocks to buy will be stocks that have been down and out for awhile but always come back.  One topic I will be discussing below is China.  I feel China will continue the strong gains from early last year and break out in 2017 unless the U.S drops into recession.  Bank of America sees a recession coming in the second half of 2017 so there is a great amount of recession risk.  Marijuana Stocks that have rallied into the election will all see a correction except maybe GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) which is a good biotech stock.  I like GWPH below $80 if they miss one of their trials.

Stocks to Buy 2017 - Direxion Daily FTSE China Bull 3X ETF (YINN) is my top stock to buy in 2017.  YINN is a basket of the best chinese stocks and has rallied from $8.50 to $22 last year at the lows.  I like to call YINN the TNA of China.  TNA is another one of my 2017 stock picks but I feel this ETF will not perform as well as YINN in 2017.  When the HSI rallies 1%, YINN usually jumps 3% when our market opens the following day.  Since YINN is a 3X leveraged ETF, it can really tank if global markets drop hard.  As long as you have a strong stomach and believe in China's economy, you will do well with this ETF.
In 2017, I view all major pullbacks below $17 a strong buy.  YINN is currently trading at $18.50 and I have a $27 price target on shares in 2017.

Best Stocks 2017 - Small Caps 3x Bull ETF (TNA).  TNA is currently trading around $73 in October as we head into 2017.  If the U.S economy avoids recession in 2017, I think shares can easily hit $95 giving you a 28% gain.  TNA always returns to new highs with the stock market so eventually we will see $100's from this ETF.  

Buy TNA below $60 on all major corrections in 2017.

Other stocks to invest in 2017 are Shake Shack (SHAK), Intrexon (XON), Chipotle (CMG), Aetna (AET), Continental Resources (CLR), and Under Armour (UA).

I view Shake Shack (SHAK) as a Top Stock Pick 2017 because the company is really starting to ramp up new store count.  The lines continue to be long and the food is amazing.  In their new South Korea restaurant, 800 people were in line at one point which was really jaw-dropping.  They have a huge opportunity overseas and The Shake is just getting started.  Buy SHAK stock in 2017 below $30.  Buy CMG below $390 in 2017 because Chipotle will be a big comeback stock in 2017.

Aetna (AET) was a battered health care stock last year but I think we will see a nice rebound in 2017.  Rounding out the last three, Intrexon (XON) has huge potential over the next five years and you pay a fraction of what it used to be worth.  XON is my top risk reward stock of 2017.  Under Armour (UA) stumbled last year but will get back on track and if we ever see another oil crash, load up on Continental Resources (CLR), the best oil stock to buy.